Ready to go??

2rd of May

No way I could possibly run out of this. In some way I tried to diminish the insecurity of 'having everything prepared on time', by going out very often and having a couple of relaxing drinks the last days. Yeh sure, I did do a lot (A LOT!!!) of things the last days, that was the reason I offered myself some time off during the evening. Only yesterday evening was NOT a good idea, going to the bar. A kind of flight reaction, hiding my head somewhere under the sand, 'if I can not see the next day, maybe there is none?'. Like a little child putting their hands over their eyes and believing that they cannot be seen by others. 'If I am able to forget about next day, the day might not catch me?' Don't believe this!!!

3rd of May

What a bummer!! The list of 'things to do' was still there, only my vision of it was more blurred. After drinking a couple of glasses of water, I begged my brains to absorp the water quickly, while I knew they were probably dried out by the feeling of it.
Today: last day of getting everything from the shops before leaving the Netherlands. 'Don't panic Tanya, stay calm, you will get the things done on time, even with this headache!', fortunately I was able to convince myself a little bit. Quick shower, feeding the cat and myself, zip of thee and than running out the door without a hairbrush even touched my hair to pick up the photos for my exposition I had within 2 weeks. Although I will be in Afrika by that time, I had the planning all right, but the photo's I picked up last week, were not as I thought they would be. Logo cut off at the bottom and some major folds in the photos, which of course I only discouvered after a half an hour ride back home, when I unpacked the deformed work. Not only that, but the photos that were all right and which I colled down to the background material, were a kind of magnatic field for all the hairs that my cat happely dropped of on my carpet in the last days. Maybe not such good idea to order the photos in glossy format. Anyway, some photos were ordered again and today I could pick them up. Again back home I needed to cut the photos so that they fit my foamboard. 'Did I not cut only a couple of centimeters the last time, instead of 15 centimeters now that would cut up the whole picture?' Now I was almost having a nervous breakdown. Leaving in 3 days, and no possibility to order the photos again (in the right format), a meeting in half an hour, two hours to get all the other stuff in the city center and than another meeting at my place. But my brain was working again, and I managed to get a sollution. A friend of mine is helping me out on this one. So good to have nice friends!! 'Cheers Linda!!' Also the rest of the day, although running from place to place, worked out all right. Two more days to go!

4th of May

I learned my lesson; this time I went to bed early last night. During the day I packet some more stuff (of which I later knew that I had packet too much) and said goodbye to a friend who is going to live a monastary for the rest of his life. He gave me a lot of books, a chair, beautifull stones and many more things, while he had to get rid of all his things, except for some books he wants to keep. I even got time in the evening to go to a BBQ party (also vegetarian food!!) where I could say goodbye to some friends.

5th of May

Cleaning my house so the person who is going to stay for a month at my place would feel welcome, and actually I would be glad to return in a clean house as well. So now everything is packed.

Ready to go to Amsterdam where I can sleep over at a friends place so we could be at the airport on time tomorrow morning. You will read more about Africa after a month.